laurence_freemanI have read an interesting interview to Laurence Freeman, who teaches at the Meditation and Leadrship Master at Georgetown University. He talks about Mindfulness, how to aplly it in day-to-day life and how to link it to ancient Christian meditation practices and to other traditions.

Freeman is the author of many books, including Light Within, Selfless Self, Your Daily Practice, The Inner Pilgrimage, Jesus: The Teacher Within and First Sight: The Experience of Faith. He writes for journals and magazines and is a regular contributor to The Tablet. He is also the principal editor of John Main’s works.

Interview to Laurence Freeman in Catalan: “Doni més temps al ser i menys al fer: viurà millor”
Interview to Laurence Freeman in Spanish: “Dé más tiempo al ser y menos al hacer: vivirá mejor”